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The impossible ratings
The impossible ratings

  • Vision WO500, Planète embryonnaire, Galaxie de la Vierge, Ventre en écoute, Exil

Where transformations take place, where bodies quiver, where stars follow their path.

Where Dominique Vermeesch's components and impossible classifications circulate: files, biographical excerpts, sharp stethoscopes, performances, readings and icons give form to this consciences and questioning jumble shaping her whole creation.

Because orders and disorders of a glimpsed universe imply random or instinctive classification by opening and closing drawers filled with streams and doubts while spreading invisible sounds.

Because the build-up of History leading figures make light of lies and truths ramifying inside our genetic heritage.

Because the magical load of scientific discoveries and turmoils appear a bit more every day at the end of telescopes and nail fetishes.

Because the words, sounds, invisible electricities binding our underestimated or misunderstood atoms together, from ears to toes, pertain to the same galaxy as our heroes, chromosomes, precepts and relics.

Because black holes and constellations comply with our ignorance, and knowledge is just another mute God.

Because Bosch's, Rubens', St Sebastian's arrows, colours and cries covet the ones of those lying on hospital beds and because the convolutions blessed with this peculiar energy of operating tables also build their fair share of infinite clouds, of the hundred and one planets awaiting us all.

And because centuries did not allow them to broadcast yet.

Because a consultation applies to records and aching bodies alike.

Because it really is a thread of marrow that transforms our bones into a spine and because this thread spins out of a global spindle twisting before us.

Because it is not too late to think about tomorrow's archeology.

Because our outward coverings talk to our skeletons in mysterious ways.

Because wardrobes will eventually be filled up and because their metal gets them to vibrate.

For all that and much more.

It is not just about giving birth, going somewhere, but passing through. 

And reconciling curiosity about the world with our humble pile of cells.


François Delvoye






  • Mérédith Monk et Hannah Arendt

1951 — Open my mouth. Fill my organs of hyper-feelings. Introduce into my body six hands, two bellies, three breasts and eight eyes. Experience several “Petite Mort” (Little Death) like Martha Graham’s.


1957 — Become an eye - insect.


1960 — To turn 14 years old. Be a ♂ or ♀ a or …? Swallow the “Froth on the daydream” of Boris Vian.


1965 — Collect reproductions of painters and women from different cultures.


1970 — Enter the philosophical beat era. Disguise my body. Live of Alan Watts’ love and knowledge. Mix my eyes, Hieronymus Bosch, Marcel Broodthaers, Yoko Ono. Thwart the excesses of a capitalist society.


1975 — Create a field of action. Underexpose my art, live on attempts, incompleteness, and idleness. Write a nomadic thought. Prolong my hand with a camera. Shatter the unconscious part in me with a typewriter. Listen to the cries of Meredith, Monk. Glide wit, h La Monte Young. Read Levi-Strauss’ “Pensée sauvage” (The Wild Pansy aka The savage Mind).


1980 — Divert, invert, reverse, potter about, “overlove”. Allow my being to be a woman and an artist. Participate in the feminist demands. Flick through “Les cahiers du Grif” 331W20 by Françoise Collin. Affirm the right to homosexuality, the right to my abortion.


1990 — Impregnate my art of Deleuzian philosophy. Become a woman with or without her organs. Remove my bones, deposit them in other lives. Be in a state of ecstasy. Swap my faces with those of Claude Cahun.


1995 — Transmit socio-artistic-post-human survivals. Change my name into (d£.space).


2000 — Feel the Iraqi missile explosion. Record mnesic waves. Close my eyes, shatter. Surround my body with microphones, audio cassettes, cables, loudspeakers. Inhabit my soul like a own room. Raising two daughters.


2005 — Broadcast visionaries : Hildegard Von Bingen, Hannah Arendt Simone Weil.


2009 — Surf on You Tube for Judith Butlers thoughts. Listen to Phillip Jeck. Evolve at 300°.


2011 — Turn my art into xpoetik. Waver, withdraw, lean back, die, copy and paste visions, disarticulate (d£.space).


2016 — Being weightless. Become an asronaut. Emigrate to the Shoemaker - Levy 9 comet.


2017 —Landing on the celestial Xinjian mountain disapear in an ash mist and then return to oneself


2018 — To be finished. To experience this sensation as a grace. Remember the beauty of Ingrid Bergman in the movie "Stromboli".


2019 — To become transanthoropocene. Vomit my AXO3? cells. Modify my body into Chameleon Musae. Being in a state of eruption.


2020 — Powder my face with the white of the Okjökull iceberg. Tint my sounds of "rose ss è une rose". Talk to the planet Mars. Hack my voice    my art




graphic Design: Salutpublic
development: Bienàvous
picture: dominique Vermeesch / daniel Van Acker
video: dominique Vermeesch / daniel Van Acker
sound: daniel duchamP


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